4 Reasons Why Liverpool’s Virgil Van Dijk Should Win the Ballon d’OR

virgil van dijk liverpool

Over the past few years, football has experienced some major changes, but the biggest change could come to fruition on the 2nd of December when the winner of the illustrious Ballon d’OR award is announced.

Going into the award ceremony, Liverpool’s Virgil Van Dijk and Barcelona’s Lionel Messi are the two players tipped to win the award having had phenomenal individual seasons and enjoyed incredible success with their respective club sides.

While Messi has enjoyed a great year at Barcelona, here are 4 reasons why Virgil Van Dijk should win the Ballon d’OR;

4Instant Impact

virgil van dijk liverpool

When Liverpool signed Van Dijk back in 2018, they did so with the hope that he would provide a solution to the defensive woes that had plagued the club for years, and the Dutchman, did exactly that.

Van Dijk, almost single-handedly, provided Liverpool with the defensive cover they needed to launch a viable bid for the Premier League title.

The difference between a Liverpool side with Van Dijk and a Liverpool without the 6’4 dutchman is nothing short of insane.

Whilst Messi’s impact at Barcelona is of a similar magnitude, for Van Dijk, to have ‘fixed’ Liverpool’s defence, in the manner that he did, speaks volumes of his credibility as a potential Ballon d’OR winner.



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