5 Things We Learnt From Arsenal in 2017

Mathaeus Abuwa

Following the start of the new year, we take a look at five things we learnt from Arsenal in 2017.

5They Are Not Immune to Finishing Outside the Top 4

In Arsène Wenger’s 20 years at the helm of Arsenal football club, the Gunners had never finished outside the top four, until 2017. In the previous two decades, it was almost as if, regardless of how bad Arsenal played, Arsène Wenger would find a way to get them into the top four. Last year that saving grace was abolished and Arsenal found themselves in the competition they had looked down upon for so many years.

It’s not just that the Gunners finished outside the top 4, they finished two places behind it! They fell from grace and hit every obstacle on the way down.



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