Breaching Gaps: The La Liga’s turning point

Spurs, United, Liverpool, City, Chelsea and Arsenal harbour a desire to win the Premier League this term. They’re all capable of doing so if I may add, but elsewhere in Europe’s top league’s it would be nearly impossible for 5 or 6 teams to launch a title challenge, that could change in the next couple of years, though.

The La Liga is tightly-contested by three teams; Barca, Real Madrid and of course Atleti, though, going forward there could be a change in proceedings and here’s how it could happen;

Before Atletico came into the fray, the La Liga was all about Barcelona and Real Madrid, the eternal rivalry as some like to call it. It’s more or less a three-horse race for the league title now, and it could potentially get more competitive, but how?

Every league needs a chain of events to develop a new dynamic. La Liga’s would probably be Messi and Ronaldo’s decline (which will, in turn, reduce the quality of Barca and Real’s play), Griezmann’s exit from Atletico and most obviously an influx of funds in clubs in and around the European competition places.

None of these are in motion yet, so it’s going to be a while before a new title contender emerges, but the aforementioned factors have every chance of coming into play.

Let’s take Spurs, for example, not too long ago Spurs were trying to make it into the top four; they did so last season. Forget the fact that they finished third in what was supposed to be a two-horse race for the title as they’re currently playing midweek football, and thus their stature has undergone tremendous growth.

Spurs’ third place finish last campaign can be attributed to the decline of some of the league’s top players which affected their respective sides – should the same thing happen in the La Liga then there’ll be a chance for other clubs to assume the mantle of title contenders.

Looking Ahead

Pep Guardiola’s comments about the Premier League’s intensity compared to the La Liga and Bundesliga got me thinking – he does have a point regarding the fact that most of us haven’t played in either league but as football fans what we can really do is to assess the competitiveness of other European Leagues.

It won’t be fair on the credibility of the leagues to put their respective intensities in doubt but what’s for sure Is their lack of scintillating plots – up until this season that is, as this campaign could very well prove to be the turning point in Europe’s biggest leagues.


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