Can Leicester Clinch The Crown?

Leicester are by far the best team in the Premier League at the moment; they’ve managed to get past all the obstacles thrown at them this season as they sit at the top of the table.

Th season has proved to be the most unpredictable thus far, with the likes of Chelsea down at the bottom half of the table, Watford seemingly challenging for a Europa League spot and Leicester leading the race.There were some pretty absurd results as well such as when Bournemouth recorded back to back Victories against the reigning champions Chelsea and Manchester United.

Leicester’s impressive performances have caught the attention of many, but analysts still believe that their current League position is built upon the heroics of Riyad Mahrez and Jamie Vardy. However, apart from the duo, there are also a couple of Unsung heroes in the side such as the likes of Kante, Danny Drinkwater and Marc Albrighton.

The Leicester lads have put in an impressive team effort to be where they are today. Only a year ago, they were primed for relegation, but a string of inspiring performances not only guided them to safety but also provided them the launching pad to continue that fine form this season.

The arrival of the tinker man Claudio Ranieri seems to have added to the inspiration of Foxes. Although Ranieri has revealed on many occasions that Leicester’s main priority is Premier League safety and once they reach the 40 point mark they can consider the possibility of higher ambitions.

Ranieri has never won a League title throughout his career.

At this stage, many still doubt the credibility of Leicester claiming that they’ll eventually drop down to mid-table as we saw with Southampton last season. But the difference between Southampton last season and Leicester this season is quite clear: Southampton weren’t top of the League during Christmas.

It’s worth noting that Premier League teams that have sat atop the League during Christmas have gone on to win the League on eleven occasions.

Going by history, Leicester could very well go on and win the title with the way the relatively bigger sides have slacked this season. If not the title, top four should be the least of Ranieri’s ambitions this term.

Leicester’s next three points will be very crucial In determining how they will fare in the remainder of the season as they would’ve achieved their primary objective of staying up and the players and Ranieri alike will start looking into the possibility of a League title.

Right now it is evident that Leicester are playing without pressure as everyone in the team seems just to be enjoying their football, but the added pressure of being dubbed as genuine title contenders could instill some trouble for the Foxes.

Leicester have played some beautiful football so far this season, but they have to learn how to snatch the ugly wins as well as play for a draw when necessary.

Last season Jose Mourinho rounded off Chelsea’s title winning campaign by playing some boring football that wasn’t very entertaining, but playing safe ultimately pushed them to the crown with few games to spare.

There’s no doubt Leicester are going to face numerous challenges in coming days, the Genesis of those challenges could trigger the decision to bring in new faces during the January transfer window.

An influx of new players could break the rhythm of the team as a whole so it’d be best if Leicester just brought in a couple of experienced players to improve squad depth and efficiency.

So taking all factors into consideration; Leicester’s current league position, their performances and the individual quality of their players, it may be too early but is quite safe to start looking at them as genuine title contenders.  Of course, a lot will depend on how long they can stretch their excellent form, but that’s just the uncertainty that comes along with being a Premier League club, it would be an absolute travesty for the big guns not to consider Leicester as title rivals this season.


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