Five Mid Term Questions LVG Should Ask Himself

Louis van Gaal

There’s no doubt Louis Van Gaal’s legitimacy has come under question by United fans recently, he’s a manager with a world-class reputation, but he just doesn’t seem to be hitting it off with Manchester United.

United are in somewhat of a crisis at the moment; they’ve been in the same situation since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson as the glory days seem to be a thing of the past at Old Trafford.

It’s quite astonishing how rigid LVG remains on implementing his philosophy even when it’s evident it’s not doing United much good.

A large number of United fans are as displeased with United’s style of play as they are with the recent run of defeats they’ve had to endure.

United’s last game against Chelsea was a huge step up from their previous defeats in the league, although they didn’t grab all three points against the Blues, a draw was apparently enough to buy LVG more time.

The performance against Chelsea was top notch; United played some good football that has given the United faithful some hope for the future.

LVG has to go back to the drawing board to devise a new strategy if he’s to turn things around at United.

And amongst other things he needs to change his mode of operation that includes the way he thinks, handles the media and most importantly the way he treats the players.

With all that said let’s have a look at five questions LVG needs to ask himself.

No. 1: LVG arrived at United with an illustrious reputation, but he needs to ask himself whether he’s the Louis Van Gaal of the past or the man of the present.

The hands-on approach that made him one of European football’s most successful managers doesn’t seem to be working right now, he needs to realize that he’s in the Premier League now as the League is very different from any League LVG has ever managed in.

No. 2: The Dutchman needs to ask himself if the players are actually on his side. United possess a star-studded lineup that should be easily be winning games, but with the way Van Gaal’s philosophy is set the players to have little room to express themselves on and off the pitch that could, in turn, put the entire dressing room in disarray.

No. 3: Is he the right man for the job?.

United are a huge club with a remarkable history but recently they’ve not been able to reach the heights they once attained under Sir Alex Ferguson, which has left many wondering who the right man for the job is.

But by the looks of things, it’s definitely not LVG although things could change for the better in the coming weeks if the Dutchman plays his cards right.

No. 4: LVG should definitely ponder a bit, about whether his methods don’t fit in with the fast-paced nature of the Premier League.

LVG is keen on playing possession football with United, but it’s evident that their numerous amount of possession on the ball doesn’t amount to anything.

No. 5: Is it time to walk away?

Managing Manchester United might be too much of a task for Louis Van Gaal, and it might be time to call it quits before he gets sacked.


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