Five things Liverpool need to do to win the league

Everton Liverpool

It has been a long time since they won the league trophy. 19 years in fact. For a club like Liverpool who are rich in history it has been too long, especially with Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal grabbing multiple titles in that period. So they are in the driving seat, essentially, but how do they secure the title?

5Make sure Virgil Van Dijk stays fit

virgil van dijk liverpool

Van Dijk is the most dominant defender in Europe at the moment if not the world. He has been a revelation since joining the Reds in 2018 and has effectively transformed players around him which was evident in the Champions League run last year. The Liverpool defence has improved drastically and he looks incredibly comfortable on the ball bringing confidence to the rest of the side.

His importance cannot be understated and with 12 league games to go there is still plenty of time for the title to be decided.



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