Five Things We Learnt from the Hiding Liverpool Received at the Etihaad


If you are a Liverpool fan, today is one of those days for which you want to believe that it has not happened. If today a terrible in a Liverpool save in Football Manager, a fan would just cheat a little and restart the last saved game. But alas my fellow Reds fans, today Liverpool were walloped at the Etihaad by Manchester City and it is the reality, not a simulation game.

Today’s performance from the Reds was so abject that I really do not find too many positives to be taken from this game. But, Liverpool and the rest of the league can certainly learn a few things from today’s game. These are my top five.

5Sergio Aguero Loves to Play Against Liverpool

Sergio Agüero Manchester City

The world knows that Sergio Aguero is one of the best players to play in the Premier League. Today he rubber stamped this fact by scoring his 124th goal in the competition. In doing this, he also became the highest scoring non-European in the league.

He loves to score in the Premier League, and he loves to score against Liverpool. In 11 Premier League appearance, Aguero has scored six goals (one today) against the Reds and provided two assists (one today). Pep should just ask him to imagine that his opponents are wearing Red in all the matches.



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