Liverpool Eye Barcelona Star For Philippe Coutinho: Is A £36 Million Deal Worth It?

Professional football is indeed a very big thing, not only in Europe but throughout the world as well. But despite its gargantuan influence to the sporting industry, it still succumbs to the ever-changing scheme of life.

Now, things are starting to heat up between Liverpool and Barcelona as the two teams might engage in a trade involving its star players. Reports have it that Liverpool is actively pursuing Rafinha, Barcelona’s midfielder, to become the newest member of the team.

According to Mundo Deportivo, the British team is seriously seeking out the Brazilian footballer as they are prepared to bid £26 million. However, there are also reports that the Reds are willing to go to as high up as £36 million to settle a deal. Take note that Rafinha has a release clause of £67 million, which proves that he’s that of a big player.

It has also been reported that Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp instructed the management to pursue the potential transfer of Rafinha to the team, as Arsenal and Tottenham are also actively seeking the 24-year-old player.

Philippe Coutinho, who’s also another athlete hailing from Brazil, reportedly wants to leave Liverpool. But it isn’t that easy to successfully demand a transfer, knowing the technicalities. Despite the odds, he’s still trying his best to persuade Jurgen Klopp to let him go off the team.

Currently, the Reds’ management along with the coaching staff is still assessing the situation. But as of now where there is still no official confirmation that the transfer will push through, Coutinho still needs to patiently wait and sit out the remaining time until a decision has been made.

Philippe Coutinho Stats

Philippe Coutinho isn’t really that of a bad player for Liverpool. Frankly speaking, he’s a valuable asset to the team, which makes him a regrettable loss for them if ever he does leave the team.

He’s best known for his long shots and through balls, as well as his excellence in dribbling and passing. Aside from that, he also knows how to handle tackling and taking on set pieces. Having shown his prowess in cutting, dribbling, and tackling, Barcelona would surely make a star player out of him if he manages to pull everything off.

Anyways, his shortcomings in doing finishing and aerial duels will be covered by Lionel Messi. Coutinho has an 83.9% passing percentage, made a total of 13 goals in the Premier League, and played 2,245 minutes in the field.

Reasons for Rafinha’s Transfer Interest

Lack of Playing Time

We all know that you can’t please everyone. The number one reason why Rafinha wishes to leave Barcelona is that he doesn’t have much playing time. Having only 1,078 total minutes of playing time in La Liga, which is half of Coutinho’s, he surely deserves to play more knowing his calibre.


How can a player improve if he doesn’t get much playing time on the field? Rafinha wishes to leave the team in search for a coaching staff that’ll make him break out of his chains.


Rafinha recently sustained a knee injury, which led to him missing Barcelona’s tour of the USA. This might made him feel “out-of-place” with his fellow teammates.


Betting Odds for Liverpool and Barcelona FC

Liverpool’s next game will be against Bayern Munich on Aug. 1. The German team has 1/2 odds while Liverpool has 7/2.

There are 16/5 odds for the game to end as draw. After this game, the Reds are going to play against Crystal Palace. Liverpool will have 1/3 odds while Palace gets 17/2. The odds for a draw is 7/2.

On the other hand, Barcelona will go against Real Madrid on Aug. 12 having 10/11 and 5/2 respectively. The odds for a draw is 3/1, with Barcelona having -1.0 while Real Madrid has +1.0, being the underdogs.

Barcelona’s handicap odds for their subsequent fixture against Real Betis is -2.0 whilst Betis’ odds are +2.0. For sure, the recommended free bets from top UK bookmakers will have a turn of events when the Coutinho/Rafinha trade comes true.


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