Moyes Would Relish A Second Chance As United Boss

David Moyes West Ham

Ex-Manchester United boss David Moyes insists that he would love a chance to return as Manchester United manager for a second stint if an opportunity comes his way, according to reports appearing in

Sir Alex Ferguson’s hand-picked successor had a terrible reign as United manager with most fans claiming he was the beginning of United’s fall from the pinnacle of English football.

The Englishman endured an abysmal spell at Old Trafford, one that saw the Red Devils finish the 2013-2014 season in 7th place and ultimately miss the Champions League after a long time.

His misconceptions as manager paved the way for United’s downfall as they have since struggled to attain the heights they once reached under the guidance of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Although during an interview in the Clair Balden show, Moyes explained that he would have taken United out of the slump if he had been given more time to implement his tactics and philosophy.

He also revealed that he would take the United job again if given a second chance to do so.

Would I take the job again? Of course, I would because there are very few managers in the world who wouldn’t want to manage Manchester United,” he said. “I wouldn’t have done anything different. I’d have only done it different if I’d have known it was 10 months rather than six years.

“Everybody knows that if you have that sort of work span it changes how you think.”

Moyes also expressed his displeasure at his quick dismissal from the managerial role stressing the fact that United have been known as a club that keeps faith with their managers when the going gets tough.

Things apparently didn’t turn out how Moyes expected as he spent just 10-months at Old Trafford before being axed from the United set-up.

“My understanding was that I was going to a club that always looked after its managers. Even when they were in trouble, or it wasn’t going well, you got your time to sort things out,” he said. “I was under that illusion when I was there. I didn’t think anything else.

“I had a great group of players, they had recently won the Premier League under Sir Alex, but it was going to take time for that to change and evolve.”

Premier League Football has proven to be quite unpredictable in recent times, but it would surely come as an enormous shock if David Moyes gets another chance to manage United as Louis Van Gaal is still having a hard time picking up the scraps from Moyes’s reign.

Without an iota of doubt, Moyes has definitely gone down in history as one of United’s worst managers.

The search for Alex Ferguson’s like-for-like replacement is still on, but Louis Van Gaal looks set to see out his contract before a long-term boss is introduced into the mix.


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