Proven Tips To Bet On World Cup 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 Arsenal

The qualifying is complete, the groups have been decided, and it is time for the 2018 World Cup to finally begin. And with kickoff in Russia comes the opportunity to wager on a ton of matches, from the first kick of the tournament to the last. But before you place your bets on the World Cup, be sure to follow these pieces of advice to give yourself the best chance to win.

Know Your Squads

There are certain players who are synonymous with their national teams, like Cristiano Ronaldo to Portugal. But before you wager on a given team based on the players you associate with them, make sure that those players are actually going to Russia to compete on behalf of their country. This kind of squad knowledge can help you avoid losses that could easily be prevented.

A great example of this is the situation brewing in England, with the decision to leave Joe Hart and Jack Wilshere off the 23-man squad. Hart, for better or for worse, has been the starting keeper for England in several major tournaments in the recent past. It would be easy to assume that he would be England’s number one yet again, underlining the importance of knowing the teams in the tournament up and down before placing wagers.

Also important is knowing what impact these squad updates can have on each team. While losing Wilshere can be significant at face value, his omission means that another player will see his playing time. Successful bettors have to know what that rotation means to the tactics and depth of the team as a whole.

Remember International Form

Club football takes up so much of the calendar that it is hard to remember that form during the club season is totally different than form during international tournaments. When placing your World Cup bets, remembering that distinction is vital to your success.

James Rodriguez is the perfect example of a player whose international form makes him a much more attractive wager than his form at club level. Rodriguez was fine at Bayern Munich this season but didn’t get playing time on a regular basis at times. But for Colombia, James is a superstar who is the focal point of his team’s success.

When looking through World Cup football betting information, make sure that any materials you are reading keep those things in mind. Those who fail to take into account Portugal’s erratic play despite the presence of Ronaldo, for example, are not as credible as someone who realises that there is a huge difference between what works for a player at their club and what leads to success for their country.

There are, of course, more things to consider when placing World Cup bets. Injury updates are a big one, like the situation surrounding Mo Salah for Egypt heading into Russia. But knowing what each squad looks like and what the players in each squad have done for their country will get anyone off to a good start.


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