Revealed! Most Watched EPL Fixture in America This Weekend

Chelsea vs Arsenal in London Derby

Premier League fans anxiously wait for one of London’s most exciting local derbies between Chelsea and Arsenal. This time, they will not have to wait long as the matchup arrives so early in the season, with Arsene Wenger’s due to take his side to Stamford Bridge on Saturday afternoon.

The rivalry between two of the best English clubs attracts support not only from the United Kingdom but also from an array of countries including the United States.

International ticketing firm Ticketbis has revealed that this high-profile matchup is being hyped overseas as well and manages to spark notable interest amongst US soccer fans as well.

“We always see a huge amount of international sales for games involving top-tier English teams,” Ander Michelena. Ticketbis CEO said in an interview.

“However, most tend to come from countries like Japan, South Korea, Singapore, or Saudi Arabia, so it’s surprising to see that in the case of Saturday’s matchup, that most are coming from the U.S,”

The secondary ticketing firm has recorded more than 10 percent of total sales for Saturday’s affair coming from the U.S., which usually remains less than 3 percent for all Premier League matches.

The high volume of U.S. sales can partly be attributed to the fact that game is taking place in September when Americans usually take an excursion trip to Europe.

Saturday’s fixture is must win for both sides, making it one of most exciting matches of the season thus far.


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