The Super Bowl 50: Carolina Panthers


Carolina Panthers are the big favorites to win the Super Bowl after a tremendous season and only one defeat in regular part. Here are some key reasons why they could win the game.

Cam Newton’s protection

Denver’s biggest weapon is defence, particularly pass rushing. Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware and Derek Wolfe are beasts, and they can cause a headache to any offensive line. Carolina’s offensive line was one of the strongest, and the quarterback protection is a must, so Cam Newton can operate with both running and passing game. I’m expecting a lot of blitzes from Denver’s defensive coordinator Wade Phillips.

Newton’s trickery

Cam Newton is playing a season of his life and earlier in a career, he was a lot better at running the ball himself than passing it to receivers or tight ends. Now, the things have changed, and the “Superman” is one of the best passers in the game. He also read the defenses magnificently, and Denver could be troubled with some unexpected plays from the quarterback.

Carolina starts fast

Carolina is the best team in the NFL regarding scoring in the first half and Seattle experienced that in the NFC semis. The Panthers literally won the game after some 20 minutes and Seattle couldn’t catch them, not even with a big rally in the second half. Denver cannot let Carolina separate early by a significant margin; the Broncos will struggle in catching up the game. They need to stay close or to be ahead at least in the first 30 minutes of the match.

Excellent running game

Jonathan Stewart and Cam Newton can run the ball simultaneously, and the defenses are having a lot of trouble to hold them back. Denver will not know what is coming on them, whether they’ll look to stop Stewart or Newton. The veteran Mike Tolbert is also included in some running plays, especially on third downs. The offensive line can deceive the Denver’s D and move in one direction while the ball is in another one.

The linebackers

Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis are simply the monsters and a constant threat to opposition quarterbacks. Davis is still one of the fastest players in that position, and the fact that he will play the game with the broken arm is fantastic. Kuechly is even better this year, and he’s eye will be all the time on Peyton Manning’s balls. He can intercept a pass with excellent reading and anticipation while his aggressiveness and agility are undoubtedly one of the best in the game.

Denver’s offense isn’t great like two seasons ago

It’s unimaginable for Denver to be so bad at passing game with all of the talents in both receivers and tight ends positions. They also have a future hall of Famer and the best quarterback ever to throw the football, but something is just wrong. The Patriots held them to mere 244 passing yards. Denver’s defense won that game as well, so the bigger danger for Carolina will be Broncos D, not the offense.


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