Top Ten Matches in FIFA World Cup History

Ten unforgettable moments from the FIFA World Cup.

FIFA World Cup 2018

The 2018 FIFA World Cup begins on June 14, as Russia open the competition in Group A against Saudi Arabia. The sport’s greatest event brings together fans from around the globe, and the 21st edition should provide intriguing drama.

The World Cup has never been short on excitement, and some thrilling games can last a lifetime in the memory.

Ahead of the festivities in Russia, we take a look at the ten greatest matches in the history of the FIFA World Cup.

10West Germany 2 – Netherlands 1 (1974)

A clash of all-time great footballers took place in the 1974 World Cup final, as Franz Beckenbauer led West Germany to victory against Johan Cruyff and the Netherlands. The sides each opened the scoring on penalties in the first half, before Gerd Müller would score the winner in the 43rd minute.

A true rivalry was formed between these two countries at the time, although the Dutch would fall at the final again in 1978 to Argentina.

Disciplined sides that dominated throughout the decade, West Germany and the Netherlands were giants at the peak of their powers.



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