Three Reasons Why Chelsea may not Finish in the top Four This Season

Maurizio Sarri

As we’ve already told you in recent weeks, Chelsea is currently transitioning into the Maurizio Sarri era. The Italian manager has come to Stamford Bridge with a specific brand of football that he wants to implement.

The signing of Jorginho was a major step in fully implementing that philosophy, as the central midfielder knows exactly how to play the Sarri way. Despite picking up three wins in three, Chelsea might not be able to secure UEFA Champions League qualification this season Here are three reasons why.

3N’Golo Kante dilemma

N’golo Kante – Chelsea

Maurizio Sarri’s midfield three always consists of three certain types of players. A dictating holding midfielder, an energetic box-to-box midfielder and creative attacking midfielder. Thus far, Sarri has insisted on playing N’Golo Kante in that B2B role, a role he can play, but not excel at. As he proved in the World Cup, Kante is world class as a defensive midfielder tasked with breaking up play and shielding the back four.

He doesn’t want to be in attacking situations where he has to shoot or create a chance, he prefers to be at the other end in the defensive third. Granted the Frenchman scored in his first game in that role against Huddersfield, but even his attempt on goal was awkward and resembled a man not used to being in such a position.

If Sarri refuses to play Kante in his best position, Chelsea will continue to look open and vulnerable at the back just like they did against an Arsenal side still finding their feet. Now imagine what more established teams will do to them.



  1. 1 Once we start pressing,defending together as 1 om the ball and not individually there will be less problems in defense so N’Golo can go where he wants. Right now hes getting used to defending higher. He WILL come good and even score some goals.
    2. How did Pep and Klopp do in their 1st seasons? Yeah right. Enough said.
    3. Morata has 1 goal and 4 assists in 3 games, He needs to take more shots thats all.


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