Top 5 Man United Academy Graduates Who Made Soccer World Look Different

Top 5 Manchester United acadamy graduates

History is adamant about the fact that only those teams with strong base have remained at the top for long. The Red Devils have been dominating the Premier League for more than 2 decades now, and their academy graduates played a huge part in Manchester United becoming a force both in England as well as in Europe. Like any top club in the World, Manchester United have splashed money on marquee signings, however, when it comes to the structure on the ground, the Red Devils aren’t behind many either.

Here are top 5 Academy Graduates of Manchester United in the Premier League era.

David Beckham

After coming through the youth ranks of Manchester United in 1991, Beckham became a part of what was going to be called as the “Class of 92’” for decades to come. Along with the likes of Paul Scholes, Gary Neville, and Nicky Butt, the London-born midfielder dominated the Premier League for the next ten years before moving to Real Madrid.

Known for his stylish free kicks, control on the ball and devilish crosses inside the opposition box, Beckham won 6 Premier League and 1 Champions League title during his decade-long spell with the club.

One of his most memorable achievement with the Red Devils was winning 3 successive League titles with the club from 2000-2003 as Manchester United became only the fourth club in history to collect this accolade.

Paul Scholes

A player who remained at Manchester United as long as Sir Alex Ferguson, Paul Scholes was also a member of Class of 92’. Coached by Eric Harrison in the Manchester United youth ranks, Scholes went on to become one of the finest midfielders that the Premier League has ever seen.

Being involved in a career that consisted of nearly two decades, Scholes is also the most decorated player in the history of English football. He collected 25 trophies during his 18-year stay at the club, with 11 Premier League and 2 Champions League trophies.

In addition to being a midfield maestro, Scholes remains one of the most unwanted records in the Premier League history. As per today, the former Manchester United midfielder has accumulated the 4th most yellow cards in English Premier League.

Therefore, his disciplinary record always remained an Achilles heel for the midfielder throughout his career.

Gary Neville

Currently serving as a Pundit at Sky Sports, Neville is the only player from the Class of 92’ who made his name in both media industry as well as football. As you might have incurred from seeing him going ballistic at Jamie Carragher on live TV, Neville never held himself back when it came to having a battle on the pitch.

After winning the youth cup in 1992, Neville became one of the key members of the side that was called as Fergie’s Fledglings. Though he was upgraded through the youth ranks of Manchester United in 1992, it took almost 2 years for him to earn a regular spot in the starting 11.

It was not until 1994 that Neville became a constant part of the Manchester United squad, however, once he had it, Neville continued to own the right back spot in the Manchester United starting XI for the next 19-years.

Looking at the number of trophies that he has won during his time, and 8 Premier League with 2 Champions League title tells about a magnificent career Neville enjoyed at the Old Trafford.

Ryan Giggs

Now serving as the Assistant Manager role, Ryan Giggs has shares the owner of being the longest serving player in the history of Manchester United. While the likes of Neville, Beckham and Scholes came to the side when people recognized Manchester United as a threat, Giggs could be described as the only player from the Class of 92’ who had seen the mid-table mediocrity of the Red Devils while playing for them.

After signing his first professional contract with the club in 1990, Ryan Giggs went on to become one of the highly revered players in the modern history of the Red Devils. Initially, he started his career on the wing, however, with age his pace died down, and Sir Alex presented a new spot to his longest-serving deputy in the mid of the park.

Taking a look at the number of titles that he has won and the numbers are staggering. With 13 Premier League, 2 Champions League and 4 FA Cup titles, Giggs enjoyed a career not many could even dream of these days.

Nicky Butt

Not a one club player as the likes of Ryan Giggs, Phil Neville or Paul Scholes, however, nobody could strip Butt from the Legendary status that he enjoys as a former Manchester United player. While he had made his mark in 1992, it was not until 1994 that Butt got more regular action in the first team.

He spent 12 years at the club winning 6 Premier League and 1 UEFA Champions League title in the process.


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