Why Tottenham’s Lack of Transfer Activity is A Concern


Last season, Tottenham Hotspur over-achieved in every possible way. The fact that they finished second behind Chelsea works as a testament in itself. Their squad comprised of players that were either from the academy or shrewd signings that were sanctioned by Daniel Levy.

After the likes of Manchester United and Manchester City had strengthened their respective squads in the last window, Tottenham responded by making Victor Wanyama and Moussa Sissoko their two big-name signings. It’s safe to say that the Frenchman was a disaster for the club while the Kenyan became an integral part of the team.

Oh, there was the indifferent Vincent Janssen too.

Right now, almost like déjà vu, Manchester United, Manchester City and even Arsenal have bolstered their squads in a bid to challenge for the title next season and Chelsea have also followed suit by completing the signing of the talented center-back, Antonio Rudiger.

However, Tottenham’s activity in the transfer market has been so quiet that it is actually bizarre. While Tottenham have a good squad, it is unlikely that they can repeat their heroics from last season against their rejuvenated rivals.

The concern runs a little deeper than just not signing any players. So far in this window, Tottenham haven’t been particularly linked with any world-class players. Only recently have links to Mateo Kovacic surfaced, but as talented as he might be, he is not world class just yet. And whether Real Madrid will actually sell him is an entirely different matter altogether.

And then there is Adrien Silva. The Portugal international is a very good midfielder who, when it comes to setting the tempo of the team, is a very decent player, but it is hard to make a case for him as a player of the elite level.

Meanwhile, there are reports that both Eric Dier and Kyle Walker could depart from the club with interest from Manchester United and Manchester City, respectively, looming over the two. In that case, Tottenham become very vulnerable and the lack of intent in buying players thus far makes the whole thing even more absurd.

Over the course of last season, Tottenham played some wonderful football and only lost out due to the fact that they didn’t have enough strength in depth and Chelsea, on the other hand, were able to focus solely on the Premier League.

Any other season, the Lilywhites would have won the league with the number of points, 86, that they achieved last season. However, they once again fell short, a repeat of the 2015-16 season. Last summer, they failed to adequately improve the quality of the team as Victor Wanyama was the only new signing that could benefit the team.

Vincent Janssen came in with a lot of expectations but failed to live up to them. And let’s just skip the part about Moussa Sissoko. The good news is that Eric Lamela will be back for the new season, but that still doesn’t fix the impending cracks in the squad.

Harry Kane still doesn’t have a suitable replacement, and there is still not enough cover in the middle of the park, especially in the creative sense. And Tottenham aren’t doing themselves any favours with their slow approach in the market.


  1. It’s the same story every year, Levy leaving it late to bring in new players cost us, we need to bring them in early so they hit the ground running when the season starts. How many times are we going to make the same mistake for the sake of saving a few quid?

    • How can finishing 3rd and 2nd place prove that not signing players early cost spurs anything? Do you spend money you don’t have or do you buy what you can afford? Bet you like Corbyn too?

      • BTW, We have three players already that cost nearly £80 million, each of which has yet to prove themselves. Got to sell to buy – squad rules.

  2. There have been links to around £300 million of players. So what? Links mean nothing.

    No back up for Harry Kane? How is it Spurs had three players with 20 goals apiece last season and the others had just one or none?

    Why don’t you identify these world class players that you mention that are both available and affordable?

    As for Lamela, I think there will be huge disappointment for anyone pinning hopes on him. He has yet to prove he is worth a starting place in the first team. Who would you take out to accommodate him? He certainly is not world class.

  3. And ironically it actually ends up costing us more , £30 m for Sissoko was daylight robbery . Not time to panic but we do need to strengthen

  4. Good article and puts up a sensible logical .Why cannot we buy our players in time for them to bed into the squad prior to the season starting.Our first game at home is a crucial.

  5. Nonsense.
    Spurs are a well run club.
    New training ground and stadium are examples of massive investment and ambition.
    Finishing 2nd and 3rd in last 2 seasons was very impressive.
    Spending money is no guarantee of success. Look at United, city, Liverpool last season.
    Lameĺa to come back, Jansen to improve, plus Edwards and the kids to introduce.

    Be proud of your club and stop moaning.

  6. Not a good article, but some of the usual click fodder for anxiety prone success-seekers who claim support Spurs. Spurs have a successful policy of financial prudence. End of.

  7. Can’t believe the pessimism. Spurs have great depth. Unless we become injury plagued, there is little need for panic replacements. Jannsen & Lamela will both “come good” this season – N’koudou will improve as will Omorah. Depth up front & in midfield is very solid. Siggurson would be a nice add-on” but I can’t see him as a utility player.
    Dembele is back & fit and Kane is not starting out injured. Not certain we need to put a “FLOP” sign on Sissoko’s forehead just yet. Certainly can contribute as a utility player. Might be helpful to add another CF just in case. We still own Fazio – don’t we ?

  8. Silly article. Anyone spurs buy will not be starting the first game unless there are injury problems. Who is better than what we have. Who then out of those is a available then which of them fit Tottenham wage structure. It’s a small pool of players. People talk about the need to sign players early but is there any evidence that this makes a difference

    • I agree that not many players will break into the first team, but if Zidane has shown anything, it is that one needs a strong squad to compete on two fronts. And the problem is not with Spurs, it is with the other teams strengthening.

  9. Llloris, Lamela, Dembele, Eriksen, Son and Dele were all bought late. So what? Is anyone unhappy with these buys? I am not complaining other than Lamela has yet to prove himself – not his fault that he was bought late at a huge fee.

    12 July 2012 Vertonghen
    8 July 2015, Alderweireld
    23 June 2016 Wanyama
    2 August 2014 Dier
    19 June 2015 Trippier
    22 July 2009 Walker
    25 July 2007 Rose
    23 July 2014 Vorm

    None of those were late buys.

    Maybe when people state things such as ‘We always leave it till the last minute’ they could add some facts. 2nd last year having improved on the year before. That seems pretty good to me, with a new stadium to come.

    Also, we cannot just buy for many reasons.

    First, we have three players that cost nearly £80 million between them, all of whom are not HG. Anyone who moans about Levy being tight, just remember that and look at the lists above of the ones we have got in. We need to shift some out to get some in for cash reasons and to meet the squad rules.

    Can anyone who thinks not enough is being done name any player that it appears Poch has identified and it appears he is not being given the funds to buy?

    The club has to follow the squad rules and the club has to manage its finances. I see neither of those things blocking any purchases that Poch appears to want. Maybe others have inside knowledge that I do not. Please share.

    • Well said. The longevity of the club is the most important think. Yes we need to strengthen but on players who fit pochs plans and are affordable.

  10. We cannot compete on wages and transfer fees so need to concentrate on emerging talent. Who could we afford to buy and pay that would strengthen our team? Maybe Barkley as an eventual replacement for Dembele, Veltman as cover in the middle and right back, otherwise we should look to the future, as has been the agenda of recent years. We still have stadium to pay for as well!


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