Who Will Lead The Scoring This Season?

Sergio Augero

With 10 games down the throat in the 2015/16 Season of the Barclays Premier League, it is safe to say that this Season hasn’t well and truly settled down. With West Ham and Leicester still competing for a top 4 finish, and Chelsea still struggling in the bottom half, the current Season is still looking like a hoax to many.

Here are the probable top scorers for English Premier League 2015/16.

  1. Sergio Aguero

He might be injured for now, but the last thing you could say about Sergio Aguero is to rule him out from an annually contested Golden Boot race in the Premier League.

Looking at his previous acquisitions of the much coveted individual accolade, Sergio Aguero has rarely spent a whole Season remaining free from injury. However, what he couldn’t guarantee with the number of his performances, Aguero settles with the number of goals that he scores.

With 6 goals already in just 8 appearances for the club this Season – 5 of which came against Newcastle United in a single game, Aguero has shown that injuries have done little to haunt his pursuit of goals.

While the form is favoring Jamie Vardy to beat Sergio Aguero in this regard, it is the supply of ammunition which perches Aguero above his English counterpart. With David Silva, Raheem Sterling and Kevin De Bryune at his disposal, Aguero finds himself in a team that is much more experienced than Leicester.

  1. Jamie Vardy

While he doesn’t have the killer nutmegs of former Golden Boot winner Luis Suarez nor does he has the aura of Sergio Aguero, Vardy has one thing that has outshone other strikers in the League this Season: hunger for goals.

Just four years ago, Vardy, then 24, was playing in Conference football with Premier League football not even in his sight. In fact, a parallel universe might not have seen Vardy in the Premier League at all. However, as far as football is concerned, predictability has always been scarce.

From taking Leicester City to the Premier League 2 Seasons ago to barely keeping them safe from relegation last time around, it has taken Vardy 2 years to find his feet in the Premier League.

However, now that he has found out the recipe on how to unlock defenses, Jamie Vardy might be treading his luck a lot higher than for Leicester City next Season.

  1. Olivier Giroud

Looking at his career with Arsenal and it is safe to say that Olivier Giroud has a knack of scoring goals. He might not be scoring important goals in big matches. However, the Frenchman has bailed out the Gunners a lot of times in games against the lower opposition.

Currently on six goals, Giroud has everything in his side to be in the top 3 goal-scorers this Season. In the 11 matches in which he has featured for the Gunners this Season, 5 of them have been from the bench.

From the six goals that he has scored so far, 3 of them have come up from the bench.  Thus, while he lacks in goals when compared with the likes of Jamie Vardy, one thing that couldn’t be erased out is the fact that Giroud has been more of a super sub for Arsenal this Season.

Thus, with the injury to Theo Walcott, Giroud is expected to get more time in the starting 11 which will definitely strength his case of acquiring more goals this Season.

  1. Harry Kane

A player who was still looking for his first goal after 7 matches on the table, next 4 matches has seen the Englishman notching 4 goals. Since scoring that goal against Manchester City that initiated the drubbing of the League leaders, Kane hasn’t looked back regarding scoring goals.

Mauricio Pochettino was criticized for sticking with Kane even after acquiring Heung Son from Bayern Leverkusen in the summer. While this criticism was true looking at the recent form of Harry Kane, one thing that was forgotten is the form that Harry Kane enshrined last Season.

Thus, after getting his form back early on in the campaign, Kane does have the ability to replicate his goalscoring form of last Season.


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