Why Barcelona Should Turn Their Attention Towards Crowned Performer

On Tuesday night, Christian Eriksen proved that he’s not just a Premier League class player, he’s a world-class player. Football sceptics have always said that some of the greats in football will never truly be accepted until they deliver on the international stage and now Christian Eriksen has done just that.

In a must-win game for the Danes away from home, Eriksen bagged a hat-trick at a sold-out Aviva Stadium. The hat-trick just tops off his great form for his country, as he’s scored 9 goals in his last 8 international appearances. And with that performance, he announced himself to the world in forceful fashion.

Here’s why Barcelona should turn their attention towards Christian Eriksen.

Since arriving in the Premier League, Christian Eriksen has directly contributed to 74 goals for Tottenham, scoring 34 goals and assisting 40. That’s a goal or assist every 2nd game. He’s proven himself to be a pivotal asset for Mauricio Pochettino. Tottenham are often dubbed the Harry Kane team or the Dele Alli spectacle, but without Christian Eriksen creating the chances he does, neither would be flourishing like they are. His performance on Tuesday further proved that notion.

Even Republic of Ireland manager Martin O’Neil, despite the defeat, had to concede that the Dane was a world-class player. People are finally starting to see what I’ve been seeing for the past two years. The 25-year-old deserves to have his name mentioned alongside the elites. To me, it’s incredible that Philippe Coutinho gets his name thrown into the mix with the Mesut Özil’s and Andres Iniesta’s. Is it because he’s Brazilian? Perhaps, but based on ability or productivity, it doesn’t make sense to rate Coutinho over Eriksen.

Instead of spending a close to world record fee on Philippe Coutinho, Barcelona would be wise to spend half of that fee on a player clearly more effective. Christian Eriksen excels especially at delivering set pieces, long through balls and long shots, all assets he could use to dominate La Liga. Now imagine fusing Eriksen’s eye for a pass with the movement of a Lionel Messi or Luis Suárez.

The South American duo have been starved of service since Xavi Hernandez moved and Iniesta’s powers declined, forcing them to be more direct in their dribbling. However, the signing of Christian Eriksen presents Ernesto Valverde to bring possession-based football back to the Nou Camp. Not tiki-takka for the sake of it, but penetrative passing from the middle with one of the best midfielders in the world.

Barcelona may be flying clear at the top of La Liga, but for them to dominate Europe again, they must strengthen their midfield options. Ivan Rakitić is an adequate player, but for the heights, the Catalonians are trying to reach, he will not suffice. This season, the Croatian has directly contributed to 4 goals in 1074 minutes of football, contrast that to the 7 goals in 1198 minutes of Eriksen, and the gulf in quality is there for all to see.

  1. What on earth makes you think Barcelona can sign Eriksen at all, let alone “for half the amount of Coutinho”? He’s not for sale. There isn’t a chance in hell of Spurs selling a player under long contract for anything less than stupid money. Barca would have to offer Spurs more money than he’s worth, simple as that. It would certainly take a world record bid

    Barca would be far better focusing their attention on players who are for sale. Trying to sign players under long contracts at clubs in the wealthiest top 10 of clubs is just a waste of everyone’s time

  2. Rediculous You either know nothing about football and the ways and costs of such or you are a Barca supporter who thinks they can get what they want whenever they want.
    Wake up and apologise because you must have been dreaming just before you wrote this dross.
    See Kiing Paul comments, I am to astonished at the ignorance of your comment to bother to repeat them.

  3. Did my previous comment hit the mark so hard that you had to remove it to hide the fact that your article is basically tripe of the highest order.l

  4. It would cost around £220 to get Mr. Eriksen. It confirms, we must look beyond him to seek a better midfielder. Even though he is a world class player, we still need to find our way out.


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