Why Liverpool Are the Worst PL Champions in History


Since the inception of the Premier League, we’ve seen many a great sides grace our screens. Teams like The Invincibles, United’s treble winners, Mourinho’s Chelsea and Pep’s Centurions come to mind. Disgracefully, fans have tried to place the league’s current champions, Liverpool, in the same sentence as those great sides. Jurgen Klopp’s men have won this year’s season with relative ease but that says nothing of their dominance or excellence but highlights the abject nature of the other 19 teams.  

Here’s a look at why Liverpool is one of the worst champions in PL history.

No Competition

Manchester City gave Liverpool a guard of honour before thrashing them

Last week, Liverpool secured a historic first-ever Premier League title. For 30 years, the Reds have had to watch their rivals lift trophy after trophy while they couldn’t even get near the top. Last season, they thought they had finally reached the summit, only for Manchester City to emphatically eclipse them. This season, the rest of the league seemingly rolled out the red carpet for the Reds, allowing them to stroll to a meaningless title win.

The true champions of England have more pressing issues to focus on, like completing a historic treble with the Champions League, FA Cup and Community Shield, something the Reds could never achieve. If it weren’t for that vision of dominance, Manchester City would have allocated more resources into winning a third successive Premier League.

Too Many Defeats to Count

Relegation struggling Watford beat Liverpool 3-0 in February

It’s laughable that some believed this Liverpool team could go the entire season unbeaten. A rude awakening at Vicarage Road would send all those deluded fans back to reality. Never forget that the Invincibles not only went a whole season unbeaten, they went 49 games without a loss, something this Liverpool team couldn’t even dream of.

As of writing, Klopp’s men have lost 2 games in the league: 3-0 to Watford and a 4-0 thrashing by Manchester City. Lest we forget, this same team lost 2-0 to Chelsea in the FA Cup, twice to Atletico Madrid in the UCL, 2-0 to Napoli and 5-0 to Aston Villa in the Carabao Cup. How could such a team amas this many losses in one campaign and be considered great?

Statistically, the PL champions have only averaged 59.3% possession this season, a relatively low total in comparison to that of the greatest teams. According to WhoScored, Liverpool has also averaged a rating of 6.97 across their games, showing they have hardly played exceptional football.

COVID Champions?

Now let’s address the elephant in the room. This was no normal season, in fact, the campaign was put on hold due to a global pandemic. Really for the safety of all those involved, the season should have been called off. That was the only ethical option available, instead, the FA chose money over health.

In turn, they forced teams to train in unprecedented circumstances with limited guidance and practicality. Teams were not ready for football due to preparation and fear of catching a silent killer. But alas, the league returned, and Liverpool wrapped up a discombobulated title win. Imagine winning the PL with games that have water breaks? There’s no way you can take such a title win seriously.


  1. What a bitter jealous sad article. To be clear, they have won every home league match this season and back to January last season. They have lost three league matches across two seasons. They are European and World Champions as well as the Premier League. City you say are the real champions yet you say liverpool had no competition – quite a contradiction. City have lost as many league matches as United. They have never won the european cup or even got close no matter how much they spend. They haven’t even learned how to behave with sportsmanship or class/dignity as their guard of honour was shown up by a bigger club (Villa) today. Still hopefully for them their rich daddy can bribe someone to cancel their ban for cheating so we can watch them keep failing on the big stage.

  2. Never thought hate can go this far, but morons never seem to amaze me.
    Regardless, to defeat your wild thinking is to stoop down to your level of stupidity and that is the last think I want to do.
    Thanks for the motivation though. I hope Liverpool players would read this and come back stronger.

  3. Wow, some people are just so bitter. It’s pretty sad. Rather than just say “fair play Liverpool,” they try to think up reasons for disliking them. They are world champions, European champions and British champions. Dont get it mixed up. That team is amazing. Stop being such a wanker and concentrate on your own teams terrible displays before trying to take a dig at the best team in the world. Lol

  4. Sometimes some people are mentally ill. How many premier league goal has Liverpool concede this season and how many clean sheet .then,how many goal Arsenal concede an how many clean sheet.something most be wrong with.

  5. The bitterness is tangible ???????????? The league was done before this covid rubbish… give up journalism mate, ???????????? (part of the comment removed for being inappropriate)

  6. You are pathetic and bitter this is one of the greatest ever Premier League teams and have managed to win it with arguably the best ( Man City) in the same league.
    Man U won their league with no competion for years.
    Now in the prem there are 7 teams capable of winning it. 10 teams who spend crazy amounts of money.
    4 champions league winning managers 2 champions league winning players who are also managers.
    Liverpool have played incredible high tempo football that no one could luve qith. Pay respect.
    The prem currently has

  7. I almost wanted to ignore your post the same way every sane person that read it didn’t think it was worth a comment, but then I looked at your profile and saw Arsenal, which summarizes why u wrote with so much Pain. Liverpool has lost 3 Premier League in almost 2 seasons, suck up on it and get another job. You Truely suck at journalism

  8. This poor person sounds very bitter and twisted ! This Liverpool team has broken record after record over the last 2 seasons at present they hold The Premier The European cup and Super cup also the world club cup and as far as being trashed in the League cup and Fa Cup Klopp gave all the youngsters and fringe players a chance he didn’t play the first team. Up to date there is 3 defeats in 2 seasons in the Premier so come on give credit we’re its due and stop being bitter !

  9. Literally laughed out loud at some of the ‘facts’ you’ve put in that jumble of words, including this nugget:

    ‘Last season, they thought they had finally reached the summit, only for Manchester City to emphatically eclipse them.’

    Journalism really isn’t your strong point is it fella?

    Any grown man needs help if they tag themselves as an arsenal fan (fair enough) AND a CR7 fan, wtf are you a teenage girl?

    Give it up now, you’re never going to be taken seriously you bell.

  10. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  11. “Arsenal went 49 games unbeaten a feat this Liverpool team could never even dream of” pretty sure they could when they were on 44 games unbeaten like, you know the second longest unbeaten run ever

  12. Just how many tears were spilt whilst you wrote this. Comedy gold for every Liverpool fan on the planet. Thanks for the laughs. ????????????


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