Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho

It’s finally happened,José Mourinho has been relieved of his duties as manager of Manchester United. As a neutral, this is highly disappointing as it was more than enjoyable watching the demise of United under the Portuguese’s poor management, however, I guess many a United fan is delighted with this decision.  Considering how successful he’s been throughout his career, was this the right decision? You’re damn right it was.

Here are 4 reasons whysacking José Mourinho was the right decision.

Park the Bus

Manchester United aren’t only commercially the biggest clubin the world, they’re famous for their attacking high-intensity style of play. Sir Alex Ferguson brought to Manchester an attractive brand of football thatdefined his legacy along with the trophies.

In stark contrast, José Mourinho has barged into Old Trafford and brought his negative park the bus tactics to the Theatre of Dreams. It’s one thing to bring this great club to the mercy of a small team’s tactics, it’s another to not get the results to justify the negative approach.

Stunted Player Growth

Let’s be honest, on paper, Manchester United arguably have the second-best squad in the Premier League. They have talent in abundance and for them to be in the position they’recurrently in, is criminal. A close to £400million spend will inevitably buy you quality players and United have several highly-touted players – especially the younger ones. Anthony Martial, Luke Shaw and Marcus Rashford are all players who have the potential to be competing for Golden Boy awards.

While Paul Pogba is a world-class, yes- WORLD-CLASS midfielder that could walk into any XI in world football. Despite having this talent plus more, José Mourinho has failed to improve any of these players, thus leaving their reputations in the dirt. 

Reckless Spending

Since arriving at Old Trafford, José Mourinho has spent a staggering £392million. In that time, he’s only won three trophies, finishing 6th,2nd and leaving this great side in 6th again. The ends certainly do not justify the means, thus making this not only a footballing decision but a financial one too.

What makes things worse is that the 55-year-old had the cheek to state the board didn’t back him in the summer. Lesser managers have done more with lesser funds at lesser clubs. With the war chest he had at his disposal, there’s no excuse for the former United manage.

Public Fallouts

There’s no club that José Mourinho goes to where he doesn’t fall out with a number of the club’s top players. At Inter Milan, he divided the dressing room, at Real Madrid he was hounded out by the locals and Iker Casillas, while at Stamford Bridge, the whole dressing room literally revolted against him.

Now he’s come to the biggest club in the world and fallen out with not only Paul Pogba, but Luke Shaw, Anthony Martial, Eric Bailly and Juan Mata too. His feud with Paul Pogba was embarrassing and borderline immature, as the 55-year-old struggled for the spotlight with Adidas’ golden boy.

Every single press conference was used as an opportunity to take digs at players, further belittling them to the world. Such PR, although entertaining to the masses, was never good for the club’s reputation.


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