Why Ten Hag is living on borrowed time

Manchester United Manager Erik Tan Hag

After an encouraging first season, Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag, like other managers before him is struggling. From Louis Van Gaal to Jose Mourinho, the former Ajax manager seems to not have much rope left to pull.

Some could argue this is a bit of a harsh observation, but I Ayyaz Malik, sports writer at Sports Courant, am of a different opinion.

The reason why I say this is because, the other Man United managers, mentioned didn’t have the players at their disposal that they wanted.

Let me qualify this, the first choice of players he wanted. Ten Hag is an exception to the rule. Ok, he didn’t get timber, but he got Lisandro Martinez, he got Andre Onana and he got Mason Mount too.

I am sure there are more, but in the case of these three, call it harsh, but they have all in parts struggled badly.

Beg your pardon, let’s not be too harsh on Martinez, he did have a good partnership with Rafael Varane at the heart of the defence.

But ETH seems to have broken up that partnership, due to his poor leadership. Casameiro is another, who has not been handled well, it can’t always be the players.

So, with that in mind and yes it’s the easiest way out sometimes, but here’s my argument why Man United need a new manager.

The current one appears to have taken them the furthest that he can take them. Some embarrassing stats are coming out of this season, and unfortunately, a lot of them revolve around the goalkeeper.

Ten Hag, during his days at Ajax, was seen as somewhat of a tactician, but we have only seen such moments sporadically.

Manchester United fans are cottoning on to the fact that this job seems to be above him. Sorry to say, it’s time to get someone new in.

Up step Graham Potter. Former Swansea and Brighton manager Potter, has earned a reputation of being revolutionary more than evolutionary, the man is a football genius.

At Brighton and all the other clubs he has been at, he gets the right players and works wonders on them/with them.

Now I get that a Director of football is the one who brings in the players, but a good DOF, gets the players in, whilst working in tandem with the manager of course.

Erik Ten Hag of course had the dream team with him at Ajax of course in Edwin Van Der Sar and Marc Overmars, so maybe he is hamstrung.

The main reason, why I am asking for Man United to be making the change at the management level is, so a reset can take place.

The reset should be happening now, granted, but ever since I have followed him as a coach, Erik Ten Hag has been making some very bizarre comments and statements of late.

Sorry, but Erik you seem lost and need to step aside. I think Graham Potter is that man. Yes, I am humble to admit, I did say that about Ten Haag not so long ago too.

There’s one big factor, Manchester United and their board, need to support Graham Potter 110% in all football matters and make the environment for him to succeed harmonious.

Until the current culture at Manchester United is changed, then expect failure and plenty of it. It’s your call Man United/Sir Jim. What’s it going to be?


  1. It is not the laymen but even soccer pundits feel the same about Erik ten Hag.
    Without a doubt, the Manchester United job is really too big for him and beyond his capacity and capability.
    Why so, the majority of the team was coveted by him and who are his ex-players at Ajax.
    He brought stellar players like Casemiro and Varane and other players like Sancho already at the club.
    Be it his style or high-handedness, the players have regressed beyond recognition.
    Because of Erik ten Hag alone.

  2. The most important part of ANY manager’s job is people management. Ten Hag has failed miserably in that respect. Take the case of Jadon Sancho. He may not have performed well in training. But a good manager should not have gone public and told the whole world this. There are more effective ways Ten Hag could have managed this. Good managers do not tell the world who the perceived underperformers on their team are. Period.


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