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Sports Courant welcomes budding writers and editors on board. If you want your ideas to reach a broad spectrum of audience, you are at the right place.

Why should I Join Sports Courant?

As a writer, we help you produce innovative content and reach a broad spectrum of the audience through our partner network. Our stories are picked up by Google News, NewsNow, News Republic, Apple News. News360, News Fusion and various others.

As a writer, you’ll have your own Author Page. This includes a headshot, short bio (around 150 words), and will show all articles you’ve written for the Sports Courant

Writers can contribute as often as they like – We are looking for content creation through original reporting and analysis.

Will I get paid?

At the moment, we are unable to offer monetary compensation to most of our writers. What we can offer is the opportunity to reach our reader base as well as the ability to hone your writing skills under our experienced editors.

However, we do reward those writers who consistently contribute high-quality frequent articles, with opportunities for paid writing.


If Yes, drop us a line about your interest at contact{at}sportscourant.com

Be sure to include how frequently you can write for us in your email whether it’s once, twice or four times a week. Sporadic contributions are also welcome.

You can also contact us using the below form