Better Than Sanchez – 3 Alternatives Man City Should Consider


So, with the departure of Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal to Manchester United, Manchester City have missed out on a target they had been chasing since last summer. And they seem pretty okay with it—why wouldn’t they, though?

After all, City are a team that have a lot of quality players and are already running away with the league without any problems whatsoever. They might have been halted by Liverpool in their last game, but the Citizens showed their grit till the final whistle at Anfield.

They have virtually secured the Premier League, barring a major miracle, but might still look to sign someone who could work as an alternative for the Chilean. And here are three players that they could look at…

3Julian Draxler

Julian Draxler is beeter than Sanchez

While this will be a very difficult transfer, it is worth a shot. At PSG, he is playing in central midfield to accommodate the famous trio of Kylian Mbappe, Neymar and Edinson Cavani—and he is doing exceptionally well at it.

However, his best position is in a more attacking role—something he could get at City. He was developed as a left-winger who could also play in the centre and right—making him the archetype Pep Guardiola player.

The Catalan loves versatile players and will get one in Draxler, who he could convert from an attacking midfielder to devastating forward.



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