Flashback 2017: 5 Best Goalkeepers of The Year


Happy New Year folks! A new year brings about new expectations and new hopes. However, it also gives us a chance to look back at what happened in the previous year and evaluate it in order to set a benchmark for the new year.  Since we are still not done with reviewing 2017, we will finish that first before heading towards the expectations from 2018. As a result, after making a list of the best midfielders and defenders of 2017, we have decided to make one for the best goalkeepers!

And here are the best ones from 2017…

5Thibaut Courtois

Thibaut Courtois Kick

The Belgian is one of best goalkeepers in the world and had a good year in which he won the Premier League with Chelsea. His assured performances for the Blues always gives calmness to the defenders as they know they have his presence behind them should things go awry.

And he almost never disappoints them. His quick reflexes and exceptional ability to read the game has helped Chelsea on numerous occasions this year.



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