5 reasons why Paul Pogba will be key to Manchester United’s title challenge


We’re only a few games into the 2017/18 season and Manchester United are already looking like champions elect. Why’s that? Well, the main reason is that José Mourinho seems to finally be extracting the best out of the £90m-rated Paul Pogba. On his day, the Frenchman is an asset that would strengthen any team in the world, however, last season he didn’t play like such.

But this season we’ll see why he’s worth every penny of his steep price tag. He holds the key to United’s title challenge for several reasons, here are some.

5Has an understanding with José

The manager now understands the player and the player now understands the manager. At first, it seemed as though these two weren’t going to be able to form a sustainable partnership, but the boss has finally adhered to needs of the Frenchman. José now understands the strong suits of the 24-year old, in turn, Pogba has accepted that every player in the team has defensive duties, regardless of how small they are. The best manager in the world on the same page as the best young midfielder in the world is a recipe for success.



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