Five Possible Replacements for Gian Piero Ventura


The papers read that it was the apocalypse on the morning of 14th November; Italy had failed to reach the World Cup finals for the first time since 1958. It is a great national shame and a great shame for the football traditionalists. The question at hand is who will replace manager Gian Piero and we take a look at five of the options.

5Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho Manchester United

The Manchester United manager has recently been flirting with PSG in recent weeks, and it has increased speculation that his future will not be by the river Irwell for much longer. He was incredibly successful in Italy with Inter Milan as he won back to back Serie A titles and picked up both the Coppa Italia and the Champions League in 2010 to complete a heroic treble.

He has already been called out by Italian legend Giuseppe Bergomi as the former rock-solid defender feels he is the perfect man for the job. The question remains will Mourinho walk away from club football into international football at only 54 years old?



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