Five Most Sought After Players in FPL

Dele Alli

The Premier League has started with a bang, and after a couple of weeks, it looks as if we are in for another highly competitive season. Star signings such as Lukaku and Salah firing immediately and newcomers Huddersfield sitting alongside Manchester United at the top of the table are portents of a great season ahead. 

The on-field action has a corresponding online reflection in the trials and tribulations of millions of players in the Fantasy Premier League. Several expensive signings have fired blanks and returned far fewer points than what would be expected. Case in point, Harry Kane. On the other hand, several budget buys have got their owners more points than they would have dreamt. An example would perhaps be Jay Rodriguez. Either way, the FPL action is as much entertaining and hectic as the on-field action.

Through the millions of choices FPL players make online, a clearer pattern emerges regarding the players that are most in demand. As the initial few weeks have gone by, these patterns are becoming more evident. We have a forward who is owned by more than half the FPL players and a couple of forwards and midfielders, who are owned by almost one-third of the FPL players. In this post, we will take a look at the five most sought-after players as of now (just before the third game week begins).

5Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku Manchester United

58.3% of the players own Lukaku, and at £11.7 he is the second-costliest forward in the fantasy play. The interest, as well as the cost, both are entirely justified as the Belgian has scored three goals in two appearances. More than half his touches are in the final third, as are more than half the passes he receives. He has had 8 goal attempts, 7 of which were from the box and he has pounced on all the big chances created for him, scoring from all three. His assist potential is also high as he has created 4 chances for his team mates thus far. These stats indicate a very high likelihood of Lukaku scoring several more points throughout the season, than what he has scored so far (19).