Flashback – Top 5 defenders of 2017

Niklas Slue

Another year-end review! This series is fun, isn’t it? The time for evaluation is now—end of the year—almost every firm in the world does a calendar year review. While Sports Courant might not be a firm, we still do the year-end review of footballers around the globe, which constitutes of Europe exclusively in this regard.

Attack, they say, wins you games while defence wins you championships. The sad part is that it is mainly the attackers who are in the spotlight for the things that they do. Scoring goals is the most crucial part, but saving goals holds an equal place as well.

So without further ado, here were the top 5 defenders from 2017.

5Leonardo Bonucci

Leonardo Bonucci Juventus

Had he replicated his Juventus form with AC Milan, he might as well have been higher on this list. It seems as though Cristiano Ronaldo’s exceptional performance in the final of the Champions League against Juventus left a mark on him.

Nevertheless, one can’t deny the influence this man has on his team. Be it Juventus or Milan; he holds an astute figure at the heart of a defence, someone who instils confidence in his peers.