Leaked: Know What your Favorite Club will Wear This Season and Next!

The sun has risen, the empty Easter Egg boxes are everywhere and the hour hand has sprung forward.

While the English Premier League (EPL) has started, all the English clubs have already released their T-Shirts for its next version, and we have everything that you must know for the same.

Nowadays, the premier league clubs get their new kits released earlier than ever. Some sport their new shirt for the final match whereas some for the regular practice matches. Others also design one for the games that will be held on the qualifying basis.

However, there are some others as well those who hold back their fresh new jerseys and don’t release their collection earlier. But as the days come near and fans start the countdown, they release their customised design.

Let us have a close look at what your favourite club is going to wear this season and for the next one as well. There would be many brands for the same, viz. Nike, Umbro, and lot more.

Have a glance through!

  • Arsenal

Arsenal has already unveiled its set of the playing kit for the next season as well. Arsenal is currently in collaboration with Puma. At the launch, both Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil were being featured.

The only slight concern that will look like a glitch is on some sites, Danny Welbeck is shown with No. 7 while they were selecting the player’s name in the online store.

  • Bournemouth

The team at Bournemouth have released their new number with Umbro this new season. The teams have also established a Premier League Outfit, which alongside reveals a short video for promotional purposes.

This video also demonstrates the remarkable growth since the last few years. Eddie Howe is very keen and excited to motivate the club for big-money signings.

  • Brighton

The recently promoted Seagulls, Brighton has newly released their outfit for this season and the next as well.

The blue and white striped is featuring thin stripes across the sleeves with yellow trim in a vertical manner.

  • Tottenham

The Spurs have officially unveiled and released their brand new kits from American Giants, six weeks before the start of the League of the version of 2017-18.

Tottenham joined hands with the premier in the industry Nike after the ending of the five-season deal with the leading Under Armour came to an end. The deals has been locked at the whopping amount of £30 million per annum. They have also decided for the throwback kit for the season 2017-18.

  • Burnley

Why will the team of Burnley stay behind for the revelation of the kit of the 2017-18 season? No!! Blue sleeves which are enhanced by the half-toned circular patterns and a Puma Signature in the mid would make you go “ga-ga” over the outfit.

  • Everton

Everton has signed a five-year contract with Umbro which is the most lucrative deals in the history. The new design so planned and created sees the club returning to the classic Umbro diamond graphic running.

Wrapping up

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Get, Set & Go!


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