Should English Clubs have Release Clause for their Players like La Liga?

Neymar Barcelona Release Clause

Release Clause or Buyout Clause has been a regular feature for all the players in La Liga. With the recently concluded €222 Million transfer of Neymar to PSG, the concept of Release Clause has proved how invaluable it could be.


What is Release Clause?

In simple terms, if a player has a release clause of AAA amount in his contract while playing for BBB football club, the club interested in signing the player cannot be stopped from signing him if they pay the required AAA amount.

Do all the La Liga players have this clause?

All the players in La Liga, while signing a professional contract, should fix on a particular amount as their buyout clause. This is mandatory for all the players in Spanish Leagues. The Release Clause can change when the current contract terms are changed or during a contract extension.

What is the issue for English Clubs?

Not all the players in English football have a Release Clause. Some players like Demba Ba (during his days with Newcastle) and Jamie Vardy ( £20 Million after the 2015-16 season ) have had this particular clause inserted into their contracts.

Due to recent disagreements in the just concluded transfer window for star players like Alexis Sanchez, Philippe Coutinho, etc., the debate of all players playing for English Clubs having a Release Clause has caught some steam.


  • Having a buyout clause allows a player to move to a club which they desire to, considering the price is met.
  • Football Clubs can get the maximum money out of their player’s transfer, by showing the Release Clause amount.
  • Clubs can get a decent bit of money while they lose their star players, like, Coutinho could have made over £100 Million for Liverpool if he had such a clause.
  • Players need not feel cheated by their teams for not accepting the transfer fee if it is less than the stipulated Release Clause.
  • Release Clause can be set as per the player’s agreement.


  • Some players might never get a realistic chance of moving to their dream club if the Release Clause inserted in their contract is many times more than what the player is worth.
  • Interested Clubs could baulk at the Release Clause of the player they are interested in and might go for another player.
  • Clubs could demand a massive transfer fee even for an average player or for a player in final years of contract or for a backup player.
  • Sometimes star players may not get the expected amount for their club. Like, Lionel Messi has a €300 Million buyout clause, and suddenly, it might sound scary to lose him for such a small (comparing Neymar) amount.


Issues which wreck havoc by spoiling players and in turn a whole dressing room’s morale should be addressed at the earliest. Having such a clause will nurse the wounds and make football the game we know.


Some of the biggest Release Clause in world football are:

Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema €1 Billion each

Isco €700 Million

Gareth Bale, James Rodriguez and Luka Modric €500 Million each


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