Three Arsenal Players to Watch out for in the 2018 World Cup


The 2018 World Cup is just over a month away, and the anticipation for it is gradually beginning to rise. The Premier League and UEFA Champions League are excellent tournaments, but nothing compares to the grandeur of the World Cup. At this year’s edition of the tournament, Arsenal will potentially have 14 players representing their countries. This one of the highest totals of any club in world football. Out of all those names, let’s see whose most likely to make an impact on the world stage.

Here are three players to watch out for in the 2018 World Cup.

3Alex Iwobi

Alex Iwobi

Like it or not, Alex Iwobi is currently the face of Nigerian football. The Arsenal first-teamer alongside Victor Moses is the most famous Nigerian footballer, and it’s his star power that will drive the Super Eagles to World Cup glory. Perhaps, I’m going overboard but what I’m definitely sure of is that Alex Iwobi will perform well in Russia.

At Arsenal, the 22-year-old is heavily criticised by the fans thus making it hard for him to excel at the Emirates. Although he may have the hopes of a country on his back, with less criticism, Alex Iwobi’s creative style of play will come to light in Russia. This season, the Nigerian winger has directly contributed to 8 goals in 25 league appearances. Don’t be surprised if Iwobi takes a talented Nigerian team to the quarter-finals of the greatest tournament in football.



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