Top 5 Underperformers of Euro 2016 So Far


With the group stage done and dusted, eight out of the 24 teams that initially came into the competition will be heading home as we’re set to move into the Round of 16 which will see Europe’s biggest names go up against each other.

The European Championship has certainly proven to be an emphatic spectacle, but it’s had its ups and downs in the form of abysmal performances from some big name players who were expected to light up the stage in an exquisite manner.

It’s been quite intriguing to see how the world-class players adapt to playing alongside their international teammates who may be lacking the quality that is present in abundance at club level.

Quite a number of underperformers still have a clear-cut chance to redeem their below-par Euro 2016 showings once the knockout stage begins, but some players aren’t lucky enough to have that luxury as their sides have already faced elimination from the group stage.

The likes of Luka Modric, Ivan Persic, Alvaro Morata and Gareth Bale, who were dubbed as key players going into the competition have duly delivered for their nations, so without further ado let’s have a look at top five underperformers in Euro 2016 so far;


Harry KaneHarry Kane Euro 2016

Having dominated the Premier League in the last two seasons with lofty and deftly executed goals, Harry Kane has failed to live up to the hype in the European Championship despite being surrounded by some of his Tottenham teammates in the England national side.

The prolific striker represented England for 150 minutes in Euro 2016, but thus far, he’s been unable to replicate his club level form on the international scene and is still on the lookout for his first goal of the competition.

He may very well rekindle his form once the knockout stage kicks-off, but if he doesn’t succeed in doing that, then there may very well be some doubts over his abilities going into the new Premier League season.



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