For the third successive season, Tottenham Hotspur have secured a top-four finish meaning they’ll once again be playing in the UEFA Champions League. Seeing as Arsenal have finished outside the top four for only the second in Premier League history, the enormity of Tottenham’s accomplishment cannot be overlooked. Spurs have achieved a mighty feat, a feat in which they’ll look back upon and pinpoint as the start of a new era.

Here’s why finishing in the top four is excellent for Tottenham.


For only the fifth time in Premier League history, Tottenham has secured a top-four finish. Three of those top four finishes have come under the stewardship of Mauricio Pochettino. That’s stability if I ever saw it, a certain stability that Arsene Wenger used to produce at the Emirates. However, just like their London neighbours, Tottenham are in the midst of a great transition, a new stadium is being built as Spurs seek to become one of the wealthiest clubs in world football.

The revenue they’ll receive from the UEFA Champions League will be vital in aiding their finances in the coming seasons. Paying off the debt from the new stadium will mean that Spurs will not have the funds they’ve had in previous campaigns. Champions League qualification provides stability and a solid foundation for the club to build upon next season.

Foundation to Build on

Many have criticised and lambasted Mauricio Pochettino for not winning any trophies in his time at White Hart Lane. In this day and age, the public needs to see tangible results, not just progress. The Argentinean was especially mocked for his quotes about the FA Cup not being a significant cup, only for him to change his mind later and say it could define Tottenham’s season.

Needless to say, he failed to get past Manchester United in the semi-final, thus leaving Spurs with another trophyless season. Regardless, finishing in the top four once again gives Tottenham a solid foundation to build upon and look to the future. Mauricio Pochettino has established them as one of the best four teams in England, thus improving their reputation and marketability.

Superiority over Arsenal

For 20 years, Spurs looked up to Arsenal as their superior older brother that they could never topple. However, in Arsene Wenger’s last two seasons as Arsenal manager, Spurs have seemingly overcome that barrier and established themselves as the best team in North London. St. Totteringham’s Day is now a forgotten memory that may never return.

This season, Spurs have finished a staggering 14 points above their North London rivals, last season it was 11. So, by logic, Spurs have only strengthened their superiority over the Gunners this season.  Through the leadership of Mauricio Pochettino, Tottenham has not only bested Arsenal in the league table, but they’ve also nullified them in head to head meetings.

In their last 8 meetings in the league, Arsenal has only beaten Spurs once, that’s domination. While the Gunners were winning three FA Cups in five seasons, Spurs were quietly but confidently assembling a squad that would seek to dominate their rivals over the next decade to come.


  1. Im gonna guess a spud wrote this lol
    “Building a team to dominate Arsenal” while continuing to fail to win any trophies were Arsenal not told for 8 years upto 2014 that dominating Spurs wasnt good enough lol


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