Would Emre Can Prove a Useful Signing for Manchester United?

Taking a trip on the M62 from Liverpool to Manchester is rarely done by a footballer but Emre Can has been linked with such an audacious trip. Only five players in the history of the two clubs have switched from Liverpool F.C to Manchester United (9 overall) and the last time that happened was November 1938 when Allenby Chilton decided to sleep with the enemy (although he never made a senior appearance for Liverpool).

However, the latest rumours in this millennium are suggesting that German international Emre Can is ready to make the switch. The 23-year-old is stalling with contract negations because he wants to be on the same wage as star player Philippe Coutinho and will not accept anything less than him. This news got Juventus interested once again after they failed in the summer to sign him, but more shockingly Jose Mourinho has been urged to sign him by Chief Scout Javier Ribalta, as he sees him as a long-term replacement for Michael Carrick.

Now, people will be saying but Mourinho has just signed Nemanja Matic to do that. But Can is six years his junior and is more versatile than the Serbian; something that always pleases the head man at Old Trafford.  He will also be looking at the impact Matic could have on the Liverpool man. He has already brought balance to the side and an ability to bring a calm nature to The Red Devils in less than three months, just imagine the influence he could have over a player who wants to further his career.

The former Bayer Leverkusen player is not afraid to put his foot into a tackle and is one of the many attributes which make him a real fan favourite with Anfield faithful because he is a no-nonsense type of player; despite the copious amounts of gel in his hair.

With the more than likely scenario that Carrick will be retiring this summer, a new central midfielder is needed. With strength already in abundance with the superstar Paul Pogba, the tenacious terrier Ander Herrera, the resurgent Marouane Fellaini and the tempo ticker Matic, United would profit from a tough tackling player to add even more meat to Mourinho’s midfield sandwich.

Other than physicality, Can knows how to play football. With a pass completion rate of 83% this season in the league and the fact he makes an average of 51 passes per game, he will profit in the centre of midfield for United. He also has two assists and has played 41 accurate long balls thus far showing he is not like a crab and plays side to side.

The jury is still out as to whether this transfer would ever go through due to the rivalry but with the deal being a free a transfer it may keep Can in the Premier League. He has already declared to German magazine Kicker that the Premier League is a really “cool” league and is one of the most “interesting” leagues in the world, so you should not be too surprised if he decides to continue his trade in England even if it is not with Liverpool.

If the move becomes available and he does not sign a new contract, you can be sure that United will be talking to his representatives persuading that a move to Manchester is a better alternative than Turin. By the sounds of it Ribalta will be the one leading the cause!


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